Sunday Shorts

I’ve been lucky enough over the last couple of weeks to be asked if I’d “blurb” a couple of collections of short fiction. I’m really looking forward to seeing these two collections go live, and I hope they get a warm reception.

I’ve always had a love of short fiction. It’s where I started writing, and – if I’m honest with myself – it’s where I prefer to write. Don’t get me wrong, writing my first novel was a wonderful feeling, and the second is coming along well. Short fiction’s a different animal, though, and one I find myself much more comfortable with.

In 2013, I did a project where I spoke about a different short story every day of the year. “Short Stories 365” was fantastic, and I had a great time, and I ended up completely inundated with anthologies and short stories to read. I’d had this illusion that I’d end up working my way through some of my giant pile of short story collections and cutting down my “to-be-read” pile. I got over that illusion, fast. If anything, I kept hearing about and adding new collections to my pile.

I don’t want to go back to doing an entry every single day – it was a wee bit exhausting sometimes, and there were days that what little writing time I could scrounge ended going to it instead of a short story of my own that might have made it out to the world on time for a deadline had I focused more. But I do want to get back to the discussion of short fiction – specifically, wonderful bits of short fiction I find that I want to crow about to the world.

So this is my compromise. Sunday Shorts. I’ll chat about some short fiction every Sunday here on the blog, and – if I can – I’ll time it right for new releases when I find something in the pipeline. And though I already know I have enough short stories in my house to last me years, do let me know if you’ve got a tale you think I should read. And if you’re an author of short fiction, drop me a line. Maybe we can have a quick Q&A about a story or two.

See you next Sunday, when I’ll be talking about Jeffrey Ricker‘s “Looking for Bigfoot,” (which will be out from Little Fiction this Wednesday)…


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