Throwback Thursday – Superhero

I’m a huge X-Men nut. I loved them so much – and the allegory for LGBT folk isn’t exactly obscure. The X-Men are mutants – people born to “normal” humans who are hated and feared by them, who have to find each other and defend each other and try to make the world a better place where people won’t want to destroy them.


I particularly loved Iceman, because he had something unusual even for the X-Men – he had a really rough relationship with his folks. He laughed and joked and made light of things even when you knew that wasn’t how he felt.

And, in the most recent All-New X-Men, he came out. Or, rather, the teen version of himself, time-travelled to the present day, admitted to the teen version of Jean Grey that he was gay, though he’s all the more confused by the fact his adult self doesn’t seem to be.

To me, this is awesome. LGBT youth are just as present in geek circles as anywhere else, and they deserve to see some gay superheroes. And it’s also why I wrote a gay superhero of my own. This Throwback Thursday post is about that time my own gay superhero showed up at my front door, rescued from Livejournal, dated September 4th, 2013.

Despite the physical reality sitting in front of me, I can’t quite believe this just happened.

I came home from a rather miserable walk to and from a drug store with a bag of cold medication – I managed to catch a pretty bad cold these last few days, and I want to make sure I’ve got a way to sleep tonight, and that I’ve got a stockpile for the inevitable moment that my husband catches the same cold and suffers through it, too. There was a box at the door.

It’s a testament to how out of it I am that I didn’t clue in. I brought it inside, wondered what I’d ordered (and had then forgotten I’d ordered) and cut open the box, pulled out the stuffing, and…

Light arrival

“Oh,” I said.

Not the grandest pronouncement. But it took a second to sink in. Then I said some other words that I’m not going to type out here, what with that whole “authors, too, who once knew better words” truism.

I may be feeling sick, and I may be feeling a wee bit dumb, but I am also feeling so damned lucky I cannot even tell you. That I have the life where I can do this? It makes me happy beyond the telling.

Icing on the cake? They arrived on my seventh wedding anniversary to my husband. Those editors at Bold Strokes Books know their stuff, I tell ya.


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