Throwback Thursday – Character Q&A

I don’t have a date for this, but it must have been sometime between 2009 and 2012, and quite near to the start of when I was working on Light. It’s a Q&A I found and filled in for Keiran Quinn, my more-or-less superhero for the book. I found it on a piece of paper today while I was tidying (read: procrastinating writing) and it is transcribed below. Some of it didn’t survive to the storytelling, but it was fun to find it. I’d forgotten I originally wanted Keiran to be a nurse. He ended up being someone who dropped out of nursing school because his telepathy made it too hard to handle people in pain – instead, he became a massage therapist, as he could handle that level of discomfort, and sneakily uses his telepathy to figure out “where it hurts.” Also I swapped which parent was dead. I also got rid of a brother, and moved Karen to the spa (I also can’t help but grin about how “KAREN” is written in block caps – she was named for my university friend who stood by me through some crappy times).

  • Hair: Dark (“Dark Irish”)
  • Eyes: Hazel; also, Buddy-Holly style glasses
  • Body: Slim, a swimmer and sometimes runner.
  • Favourite Colour: Green
  • Best date: Couch cuddle and movie watching – telepathy makes for less joy in crowds.
  • Romantic interest: Gay. Likes a bigger guy, rough-around-the-edges.
  • Faith? Yes, though not with regularity for things like Church.
  • Pet: Yes, cat – modelled after Gemini. Different name though. Whisper?
  • Job: Nurse – want decent first aid/emergency response skills for the flag raising
  • Parents: Father dead, mother alive and supportive, if a bit overbearing.
  • Siblings: Two brothers; Callum and Sean. Sean’s a big jock, a bit of a womanizer, but was very protective of Keiran. Callum is more studious – many degrees – and just coming off a bad breakup.
  • Best friend: KAREN. Manages the coffee shop in the hospital.
  • That was all I had on my first run at Keiran’s character, apparently – what sorts of things do you figure out about characters when you’re brainstorming?


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