Throwback Thursday

I don’t really have photos pre-dating my move to Ottawa (how’s that for understating and being polite?) That’s one of the reasons I post journal entries rather than photographs for Throwback Thursday.

That said, for an upcoming piece I’ll be talking about in a month or two, photographic evidence was required of me in a younger state. Through the wonders of Facebook, friends from the various schools I went to, and technology that allows people to scan and e-mail photos…

Well. I managed to send in that piece, and I have a few spares.

Here’s seventeen or eighteen year old me (I’m not entirely sure which). That’s an Enigma T-shirt. That’s long hair (it eventually got to the small of my back). That hair, by the way, was red and brown and blond and kind of all of the above all at once. Yep. I had hair.

Also a dangly silver ankh earring.

Yeah. So.

Throwback Thursday



That happened.


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