Writing Wednesday – Driveby Edition…

Okay, so I’ve got a giant list of things to do today, including re-arranging the entire library, but awesome things happened this week I should mention.

The Novel

Thing the first is the final rough draft of Triad Blood is so very close to being done. I almost don’t feel guilty about not working on it today (my eyes are aching, my head hurts, and I’ve been re-arranging the library for two days since the useless door between the library and a spare bedroom was removed). Seriously, though, I’m about 15k from the end, and that’s 15k of polishing, not writing. So. Very. Happy.

The Short Stuff

I got copies of Discovery, which has my flash fiction piece ‘Entangled’ in it. It’s an anthology of super-short LGBT flash fiction. Which, you can click here to enter a giveaway for, if’n’you’d like (and are in Canada or the U.S.)

Also, I sent away my entry to the next Saints and Sinners Literary Festival‘s upcoming Short Fiction Contest, so that makes two submissions this month I’ve done so far. I feel awesome about that.

But, like I said, so much to do… so I need to run.

(Why does everything always seem to pile on at the same time?)

I haven’t updated my calls list, so I’m going to skip it this week. I’m sorry! I swear I’ll be back on track next week…

And now, back to the library of never-ending reshufflement…


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