Appearances Matter

I was about to start writing a post about how I’ll be co-hosting an author reading with Jeffrey Luscombe in Montreal when it occurred to me that I’d had a post bubbling in me for a while about author appearances and my experiences as a bookseller (and then as an author) over the last twenty years or so.

So, first off – that first thing. Jeffrey Luscombe and I are indeed going to be in Montreal for Pride, on the 13th of August, at Literary Pride: Open Mic, hosted at Bar Le Cocktail, from 7p to 9:30p. Come for a listen, or – authors – come and read (though pay attention that you have to pre-register to do so), details at the link for the event above.

So, that’s me announcing an upcoming appearance, and I’m really stoked (and I haven’t met Jeffrey face-to-face yet, though I adored his book and “know” him online).

But about that second thing…

Would you all find it of use were I to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of author-bookstore interactions over the years? Because there have been stellar things, mediocre things, and terrible things – and there are lessons I can pull from all of them that folks might find useful.

Let me know…


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