Naked Heart – Toronto, October 16th to 18th, 2015.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned Naked Heart yet here on the blog, but it’s a brand new LGBTQ Festival of Words hitting Toronto in two weeks. Wait. No. Less than two weeks. Egad.

I’m going to be there, reading (from an as yet undecided upon piece of work), and I’m also going to be taking in as many of the panels as I can manage around said reading and making sure I don’t pass out from poor food-intake planning (this is always a concern for me at conventions, as I forget that going to something every hour of the day leaves zero hours for maintenance of blood sugar levels).

Why am I bringing this up today? It’s the last day to buy a Festival pass at $39 before the price rises. So, it’s worth heading on over if you’re in the Toronto area from October 16th to October 18th, and getting over $150 worth of workshops and events (if you were to buy ’em individually) for the awesome event price of $39.

There are going to be so many LGBTQ writers. Seriously. Over 120. So hey, even if I’m kind of a dud and you’re all *yawn*, him, really? there are some pretty awesome people to go see while you snub me.

Anyway. I’m excited about this. I’m so chuffed to see LGBTQ festivals happening, let alone a brand new one coming into being. Firsts can be scary, and I’m sure the organizers are going to be sweating over all the details, but the biggest thing of all is for people to show up. So, if you can… Do.

And if you can’t get to all the events or don’t have the freedom to devote a whole weekend to the event, the individual events are available at individual attendance prices (some as wee as $5), which means if there’s that one thing really catching your eye, you’re still golden.

Anyway. Huge kudos to Glad Day Bookshop. I can’t wait.

The direct link to buy a pass:
Naked Heart Festival Pass

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