Can*Con Appearances

Just a quick word to say that I’ll be a part of Can*Con this year, and I’ll be speaking on two reader panels:

  • Romance: A Readers’ Panel (4:00 pm, Saturday October 31st, Salon D). Our panel talks about what romance novels are impressing them. Linda Poitevin (m), Nathan Burgoine, Jennifer Carole Lewis, S.M. McEachern, Leslie Brown.

  • Amazing Short Fiction You Really Ought to Be Reading: (10:00 am, Saturday October 31st; Salon C) The internet has given short fiction a real shot in the arm, and forms up to novella are making a big come-back. Panelists discuss remarkable works you’re missing out on. Nathan Burgoine, Ada Hoffmann, Amy Sisson, Amal El-Mohtar (m).

    As always, I’m happy to be the bookseller, and I’m looking forward to meeting new people (and, of course, adding to my massive to-be-read pile). The convention itself is themed towards Canadian content, so those of you in my country, now’s a great time to talk to me about your work – especially if it fits the above two topics and has a wee bit (or more) of a speculative fiction bent.

    The full list of events is here.

    See you all this weekend!

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