More Plagiarism

Cat Grant bookAddison Scott copyDamn.

I logged onto my computer this morning to sit down and write and saw there’s another round of plagiarism hitting the m/m (gay) romance world. I really and truly have zero empathy for anyone who’d take something someone created and then sell it as their own.

The thief this time is using the name Addison Scott.

It took barely a few moments on Google to figure out the original titles for these “Addison Scott” books, and various authors have been tweeting and blogging about it pretty darn loudly in hopes they get taken down:

“Closer” is really  Arvel Amaya’s Whatever You Want.

“Under the Influence” is really Ashley John’s Saving Michael.

“Coming Undone” is really Cat Grant’s Once a Marine.

“Behind Closed Doors” is really Amber Nation’s Unconditionally.

“Can’t Forget Him” is really Kate Sherwood’s Poor Little Rich Boy.

“Friendly Persuasion” is really Andrea Dalling’s Seducing Jordan.

“Bound to Please” is really E. Davies’s Tied.

“Not Just Friends” is really Amanda Young’s Windfall.

“Long Road Home” is really Donya Lynne’s The Arms of Winter (re-released as Winter’s Fire, which is the book with the identical description).

“One Good Man” is really Kracken’s Taking in Strays.

“As Hot as it Gets” is really Brea Kendall’s Hard Love.

You can easily see the descriptions of the “Addison Scott” books have just name-swapped the books by these other authors. It’s pathetic. It was Ashley John who realized it as far as I can tell, so I started googling and sure enough, other titles were obviously plagiarized, too.

I feel really bad for the authors who had their work stolen, and I hope Kobo and all the rest of the platforms remove the “Addison Scott” titles ASAP – I sent them a quick e-mail and tweet, and I hope you’ll take a moment to do the same.

Being an author is a lonely experience much of the time. Often it feels like you’re on your own. But when stuff like this happens, I like to think we all gather to make sure that – at the very least – the plagiarist gets taken off sale, and the stories these authors wrote are returned to them – and only them – for sale.



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