Sunday Shorts – Blame it on the Mistletoe

It’s amazing how much I used to struggle with trying to love Christmas. Then again, if you’ve ever worked retail, you probably get it. So it’s nice to return to Christmas and find it actually enjoyable.

Also – Christmas stories.

That said, this isn’t one. Or rather, there’s a very tenuous Christmas component to it, but it’s not a story that really has Christmas centre-stage. And even post-retail me is okay with that.

Eli Easton‘s Blame it on the Mistletoe is a fun novella-length audiobook that I listened to in a single afternoon worth of household chores, and it was a lovely way to pass the time. The narrative set-up is pretty simple: a jock has a roommate who’s a super-smart (and rather cute) nerdy type. They’re very close, and when the nerd learns that jock has the reputation of being the best kisser on campus, he asks for lessons.Blame it on the Mistletoe

Yup. That’s right. Lessons.

The reason why, and how the two end up together (there’s no spoiler there, as anyone who’s ever read any gay romance will know they’re on a collision course), is actually quite adorable. Even better, the (as-yet) straight jock character doesn’t come across as a gay-for-you character at all (a trope I have little patience for), but rather a character who has successfully managed to not-think-about-it for a very long time – until his roommate’s request makes him realize what’s going on.

It’s sweet. It’s fun. And it’s performed wonderfully by Jason Frazier, who I honestly think is one of the best audiobook performers out there. Seriously – everything I’ve heard him perform is elevated by his skill as a narrator. If you’re at all an audiobook enthusiast, check him out.


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