Sunday Shorts – Unwrapping Hank

It’s probably unfair that I’m talking about back-to-back holiday themed books two weeks in a row by the same author, but Eli Easton seems to have the magic this former-retail-worker-slowly-learning-to-love-Christmas-again needs.

This time, it’s Unwrapping Hank, and unlike Blame it on the Mistletoe, this story has a decidedly Christmassy theme to it.Unwrapping Hank

Here’s the situation: we have a frat boy (Sloane) who is gay and part of the quite accepting and wonderful (and still very bro) fraternity, thanks mostly to his friend Micah. Micah’s younger brother, Hank, was the only person who didn’t want Sloane to join the frat. Sloane and Hank, obviously, don’t hit it off – except…

Well, sometimes it’s fun to not hit it off. And that’s what these boys do. But when the friction starts to be less snarky playful and gets a little emotionally intense, things get interesting. Especially from Sloane’s point of view.

Sloane is the child of two therapists, and the half of the time you’re in his point of view it’s borderline hysterical. He can’t help it. He analyzes everything. He likes to figure things out. He likes to understand why people do the things they do. And big burly bearded and inked Hank?

Hank makes no sense to Sloane.

So, while Sloane tries to figure out Hank, Hank tries not to let Sloane figure him out, and then Christmas comes and they’re all thrown into the same house.

This is a romance, so obviously the fellows end up together, but the journey is lovely. I particularly liked Hank’s process – Eli Easton does a good job with fellows starting to clue in to their own sexuality, and does so this time from a different angle than in Blame it on the Mistletoe, but one that works well. I also really appreciated the best-friend Micah storyline, as well as some wonderful family dynamics from the parents.

All in all, it’s enough to make a guy with twenty years of retail history think happy thoughts about Christmas again.


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