When I was a kid, I usually had the sort of advent calendar that had a wee bit of (not-so-great) chocolate behind little cardboard doors. I’d be over-the-moon to open them up every day and see what it was, and had to balance begin given permission to do so (chocolate is not to be had before breakfast, I was told) and open it before my sister could gloatingly tell me what was behind that little door for the day (older sisters, am I right?)

It was a fun tradition, and really did add that little bit of joy to my season when I was young.

As I got older, of course they vanished. I’m not sure when exactly, but one year it wasn’t there, and I probably didn’t mind (after all, when you hit that tween age, you start to think the only thing in the world you want is to be treated like an adult).

But now, as an adult, I love them again. I get a LEGO City advent calendar every year, and I put the little pieces together, and yes, it adds joy to my season. We have a whole LEGO Christmas village, actually, and that sucker is awesome (see one small piece of it above, there) and we add to it when LEGO releases the holiday sets. The LEGO City advent calendar pieces often get added to that village, too.

As an author, I’ve often wondered about doing some sort of “advent” thing. I took part in one once, and it was interesting: each author wrote one of pieces for the twenty-four days of December, and each day held a prize that could be won by someone commenting on the post.

Maybe next year I can figure something like that out, now that I’m not racing to and from work every day in December.

What about you? Do you have an advent calendar? Is it chocolates? Toys? Twenty-four bottles of wine? Let me know…


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