Writing Wednesday – Big Plans

It’s almost a new year, and though I’m not huge on resolutions, I do want to be a bit more structured in the upcoming year about a few things (notably writing and reading things).

It’s good to have goals.

Triad Blood coverLast year, I jumped on board Jeffrey Ricker‘s “submit something at least once a month” goal, and I managed it. I’m going to continue in that vein, with the same goal for 2016. It certainly worked this year—coming this next year, I’ll have stories in Men in LoveThreesomeSaints & Sinners: New Fiction from the Festival 2016, and Not Just Another Pretty Face. So, thanks Jeffrey, for the push. If I can manage the same successes in 2016, I’ll be darned happy.

Oh, and I’ll be doing edits on Triad Blood and writing Triad Soul, so there’s that, too.

On the Sunday Shorts front, I’m going to try and be a bit more consistent, posting as close to weekly as I can when I bump into excellent short fiction, novellas, and novellettes. I’d also like to do more interview-type conversations for Sunday Shorts, rather than just flat-out reviews. Consider yourself on notice if you’re a short fiction writer: talk to me.

I think I’m also going to start doing the same for audiobooks, maybe on Saturdays. Saturday Sounds, Sunday Shorts, Writing Wednesdays… What? I like alliteration. As for reading in general, I’m going to stick to my goal of a book a week or so, which I managed this year. A mix of audiobooks, too. And I’m going to maintain trying to stick to LGBTQ stories for the most part, and being conscious of seeking out women and authors of colour. Every year I get a bit better at that.

And once the new year hits, I’ll also get back to posting all the calls for submission I bump into. That was a big hit last year, and it’s not hard to do. Again, I’ll add them to my Writing Wednesday posts.

What about you? What are your plans for the year ahead, book-wise?


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