Mid-way Monday

It’s Boxing Week, my husband has the next two whole weeks off, and we’re basically devolving into sloths. Mostly we’ve been playing games, be they video, card, or board in nature, but I’ve also been reading (of course).

I’m part-way through a lot of books right now, and happily jumping back and forth from one to another.

Soul's BloodFirst up is Stephen Graham King‘s Soul’s Blood, which is so good you guys. I’ve been limiting myself to reading a chapter (or two) at night before bed, otherwise I’d’ve devoured it in two sessions. It’s Science Fiction, space-ship style, with AIs, multiple colonized worlds, technological societies, spliced genes and genetic tampering, awesome future-slang (“Wanna get squishy?”) and so much going for it that I can’t wait for it to be released next month.

If you’re at all a fan of science fiction (in the space-faring sense), you should pick this one up. That it’s also LGBT inclusive (as is everything from Bold Strokes Books) makes it an awesome rarity. The best part is how the various sexualities of the characters are dealt with in the future “shrug shoulders” way I quite enjoy: it’s just a thing, not important when worlds are at risk.

I’m also reading from two short fiction collections right now. One is Tom Cardamone‘s collection Night Sweats (another book due to be released next month!), the other is an anthology I’ve had for a while, Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History. Both of which I’ve mentioned before, and both of which are perfect for my sloth-like reading habits of the moment. I’ve been picking them up, delving into a story, and then taking another nap or playing another game.

What are you all reading right now?


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