At the Closing of the Year

It’s been quite the year. I spent the vast majority of it working on the upcoming Triad Blood, and in between that I managed to send off at least one short fiction piece a month. Some were even accepted (by my count, I think I’ve got pieces in five anthologies due for 2016 alongside the aforementioned novel, so already it’s a great year.)

This was my first full year of post-management, too. I miss my fellow booksellers, and I miss the great customers, but I don’t miss the commute, or the way that retail sucked the joy out of Christmas. I’m still fighting that feeling, this year was better than last, and I’m sure it just continues to improve.

And to no one’s surprise, my husband and I are happier. I turns out when I’m not tired and frustrated, I make for a much more charming person to be around. I do have guilt and have to struggle with feeling like I contribute—writing helps here immensely!—but I’m finding my balance. Also, the dog appreciates me being around.

17938059561_0cd60aa0ef_zOh yeah, the dog. This was also my first full year being a doggy parent. That dog sure wormed his way into my heart. I guess that’s what they do. I’m sure one of you dog-lover people knew that already, and chose not to warn me. I’d put you on my list, but I’ve fallen for Coach head over heels, and as such you’re forgiven. Which is also likely exactly as you planned.

You’re sneaky, you dog-lovers. Seriously.

Well, given the impending parties all around the world, you’ve likely got places to be and people to meet. I’ll keep it short. I’m afraid I’m not big on staying up late, even on New Year’s Eve, so I’ll just say “Happy New Year!” to all of you now.

I hope next year doubles your joys.



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