REVIEW: Light (‘Nathan Burgoine)

Well, now this is wonderful to find!


downloadEncapsulate the book in one sentence?

“I refuse to become the gay superhero known as Disco.”

Intriguing, tell me more.

Kieran is a bit psychic, a bit psychokinetic, and a lot gay. There’s a right-wing religious nut attacked Pride events, and Kieran’s not having any of that. Kieran really loves Pride.

Personal Choice, Book-Pot, Re-read…?

Personal choice. Bold Strokes sent me it to review about ::mumble:: years ago and I sorta forgot. Since then I’ve read a whole bunch of short fiction by Burgoine and become a fan. (I cannot rave enough about Psychometry of Snow.) I suspect the key to his fiction is in the restorative power of hairy men and cake, and I approve of that. Anyways, I figured it was about damn time I read Light.

What genre would you say it is?

Technically it’s a superhero origin story. It’d be quite easy to compare this to Perry Moore’s 

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