Sunday Shorts

It’s a new year, and as such, it’s time to peek ahead and figure out what I’ll be doing for the year ahead. I’m definitely keeping the “Sunday Shorts” series alive: I want to discuss LGBTQ short fiction (or poetry, or novellas, or nonfiction) every week, and—when I can—do so in the form of very short Q&As with authors.Inspiration

You all know I’m a huge fan of the shorter side of writing, and I don’t find it gets a lot of noise in the vast realm of the reviewing world. Maybe I can help boost the signal just a wee bit.

To do that, though, I’d love to find new tales. I’m by no means short of options of anthologies in my own home, but the best part of being a reader is sharing the things you’ve loved.

So, hit me with yours. Read any shorts recently I should know about? Where do you generally find them? Self-promote, too: I want to know about stuff you’ve written (especially stuff in the pipeline: I’m so happy to post a Sunday Shorts Q&A as close to your release date as I can, if you’re up for it).

Starting next week, I’ll go back to my usual discussions or Q&As, but I wanted to hear from you folks (as always) about the best stuff you’ve found lately.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Shorts

  1. Well, you already know I’m enjoying that bear anthology! 😉 I also enjoyed a lot of the personal details in Austin Chant’s “Coffee Boy” (in the Silver and Gold anthology) since it’s trans fiction written by a trans author.

    I actually have a short-story contemporary f/f romance coming out on the 20th, come to think of it. It’s called “Fearless”, and it’s about a lesbian band mom who falls for the music teacher. Want me to poke you when it’s out?

    (None of my shorts are m/m but that will change in another couple of months!)


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