Sunday Shorts – “Not Just Another Pretty Face” Q&A with Louis Flint Ceci

NJAPF_CoverToday I’ve got Louis Flint Ceci with me, and I’m sharing a chat we had about an upcoming collection that breaks the usual formats in a couple of ways. Louis Flint Ceci is another editor and author I met through the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival (is there no end to the awesome folk that attend?) and when I heard about the collection in question, Not Just Another Pretty Face, I was definitely intrigued. Sparking content with pictures wasn’t something I’d ever tried before, but when I saw the photos, one caught my eye immediately, and I couldn’t wait to give it a shot.

Twenty-three photos of male go-go dancers become the basis for stories, poems, essays, and drama by twenty-seven authors, revealing unexpected mysteries, romance, fantasy, and humor. Contributors include 2015 Sue Kaufman Prize winner Michael Carroll, 2013 Lambda Mid-Career author Trebor Healey, and Lammy winners Jeff Mann, David Pratt, and Jim Provenzano.


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