Triad Blood is now available (and free e-“Three,” too!)

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Now Available at

It’s official. Triad Blood is available now through the Bold Strokes Books webstore. Follow that link and Luc, Anders, and Curtis will be right with you.

The law of three is unbroken: three vampires form a coterie, three demons make a pack, and three wizards are a coven. That is how it has always been, and how it was always to be.

But Luc, Anders, and Curtis—vampire, demon, and wizard—have cheated tradition. Their bond is not coterie, pack, or coven, but something else. Thrust into the supernatural politics ruling Ottawa from behind the shadows, they face Renard, a powerful vampire who harbors deadly secrets of his own and wishes to end their threat. The enemy they know conjures fire and death at every turn. The enemies they don’t know are worse.

Blood, soul, and magic gave them freedom. Now they need to survive it.



You know what’s a great price for  a short story? Free. Free is a great price.

But wait, there’s more!  If you pick up an e-book from the Bold Strokes Books webstore any time this month—not just Triad Blood, any e-book at all mind you—you can get my erotic short story “Three” free. To enjoy this promotion, choose the bundle from any eBook product page and put both titles in your cart at once.

During the full moon, the vampires gather to renew their bonds. It takes three, and those in groups have total power over those who aren’t. For Luc, alone since he was created, the full moon is his only opportunity. 

Seeking blood to satiate him for the month ahead, Luc finds a rival instead: Anders, a demon just as alone, who’s also on the hunt. 

They choose the same prey: Curtis, a handsome young man resistant to their supernatural charms. When neither a vampire’s glamour nor demon’s passion work on him, it becomes clear their only chance of success lies in the unthinkable: working together.

How do you snag the freebie? Don’t worry. Bold Strokes Books is all over that. Put any e-book into your cart, and the following pop-up will appear. You just have to select the bundle for the freebie to be tucked right in.

Three Freebie

Don’t forget, if you spend $25, enter code TEN% to save 10%.

I hope you enjoy the Triad boys.


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