Queer Lit Q&A: ‘Nathan Burgoine

The wonderful Matthew Cresswell has begun a Queer lit Q&A, and was kind enough to have a chat with me on “opening day” as it were…


Popping up first, because I’m fairly shamelessly stealing this format from him… ‘Nathan Burgoine! You might know him as that guy with the apostrophe in an unexpected place. I know him as the guy who always writes the best story in anthologies I’m also in. Somehow that isn’t annoying though, because – as I’m sure plenty of others will attest – he’s also the Nicest Man In Queer Lit (TM).  Seriously: I’m an enormous fan. I loved his Lammy-finalist debut novel, Light, and I’ve yet to read a story of his that I haven’t fallen a little bit in love with. (My favourite, for the record, is ‘Psychometry of Snow’, which you can read for free on the Lethe blog.) He also pops up in my Threesome anthology with a story involving chocolate and hot sex. Do I need to say more? Probably  most importantly, this week is…

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