Today! Romancing the Capital, Saturday May 7th!


Romancing the Capital wraps up today! I’ll be there all day (I have to go home during the dinners, alas, to take care of Our Fluffy Lordship), and if you’re out and about, please do say hello.

Specifically, today, I’ll also be hosting a small workshop/discussion, doing some author speed dating (no, really), and then joining the authors for the open-to-the-public bookfair.

Adding Queer Characters

Or, as I’m calling it, “organic is for carrots.” That’s at 9:00am today, and it’s going to be a more interactive Q&A session about writing queerfolk and representation in romance, so bring your ideas, your questions, and your sense of humour, because generally I approach most topics by laughing a lot.

Author Speed Dating

Then, at 10:00am, I’ll be doing this insane thing where myself and twenty-odd other authors chat with readers for, like, two minutes a pop in a giant round robin and… yeah. This? Terrifies me. So hopefully I don’t barf on anyone.

Open to the Public: The Book Sale / Book Signing

2:00pm to 4:00pm: It’s important to note this is totally open to the public, so even if you can’t/didn’t register for the event, you can come schmooze and pick up some great books (and swag, because wow do these authors put out a lot of effort into their swag). I have magnets, too, and Triad Blood and Light and a ready and waiting smile.


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