Before anything else, I need to send a massive thank you to Stonewall Gallery for hosting the launch for Triad Blood. Michael is a saint, and I can’t think of a better place to have wine, cheese (and cupcakes!) and to be surrounded by art and culture while folk suffer through listening to me speak. Seriously. He’s magic.

Launch - Table

The table all set up and ready to go, with the official signing pen my husband bought me way back when “Heart” was first published.

If you’re ever in Ottawa, you need to drop by. As I said before I started my reading, all the jewellery I was wearing was from Stonewall Gallery, and I have to admit a smug satisfaction to see a few pieces sell before the evening was over. You can take the salesman out of the store, but… Well, you know.

Launch - Reading

Your humble reader.

Thanks to some protests and some street parking closures, we got off to a slightly late start, but that was fine, people trickled in and I got to meet and greet everyone before I read, which was a nice way to do things and may be my plan going forward with these sorts of events. Wine was had, cheese was had, the cupcakes were definitely had, and then Michael was kind enough to introduce me and the reading began.

But you know what didn’t happen? NO ONE COLLAPSED!

This has been a big goal of mine for future readings, so, hey, check! I did have one of my combat medic friends ready, just in case. Pays to be prepared, etc. Though once again I referred to her wife by the wrong name. Do you have that problem with any friends? Drives me mental. I know her name is Cathy. I do. I swear I do. But every time I go to write it in a book, and I ask how it’s spelled (something I learned to always do after hosting umpteen million signings as a manager) I say ‘Cindy’ instead. It’s maddening, and I can’t blame it on my speech impediment. Apologies to Brenda. AGAIN.

Launch - Amy Beth

I love these folks.

I read the opening scene from the first chapter of the book, and got some geeky laughter from the Firefly fans (it’s a neat litmus test to see who, like Luc and Anders, doesn’t quite ‘get’ what Curtis is referring to when he compares them to Mal and Jayne), and ended on a bang, as it were. Then we mingled, I signed things, and the evening was lovely.

As always, I can offer nothing but heartfelt gratitude to everyone who showed. It’s especially heartwarming to see former co-workers (to whom this book is actually dedicated, by the by), as I know what it means to come from working around books all day to go to a book event. That’s dedication, folks.

Launch - Christian

Guy in the red shirt? BROKEN LEG. Jeez, Christian, that’s dedication.

But the winner of most-earned-Karma has to be Christian Baines, who freaking showed up on a broken leg! Seriously. We found him a settee, but wow. The bar has been raised, folks, and raised high. You should go buy Puppet Boy and The Beast Without and pre-order The Orchard of Flesh. Right now. Man earned it.

Come to think of it, I guess that means I did have another injury present for this launch. But it was a pre-existing condition, so it doesn’t count.

For those of  you who had life happen, but would still like to grab a signed copy of Triad Blood (or Light, for that matter, and quite a few of the anthologies I’ve got a story in, too), I’ll be working at the store on Monday, so they’ll be signed thereafter. If you don’t care about my signature (sniff, I’ll get over it), they’re already there. Hope to see you there!

And for every reader, everywhere: thank you, again. Couldn’t do this without you.

And, of course, If Ottawa is too far away, you can get Triad Blood directly from Bold Strokes Books (and, again, if you buy an e-book, you can get my short story “Three” for free with any e-book purchased this month from them!)





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