Flashes of Light in the Dark

I’m just coming off a two-day headache, and it was a doozy. I joke about my headaches having two solutions: sleep, or spew. It wasn’t a migraine—those knock me completely on my ass, blind me, and often leave half my body numb even while I’m in agony—but I also get, as an added bonus, major headaches. Those leave me feeling motion sick, smells make me want to hurl, and doing pretty much anything other than lying somewhere in the dark, while sitting still with my head higher than my chest makes it pound and pound (in the bad way). And looking at a screen? Torture.

So that was how I spent the majority of my last two days, until I just barfed a half hour ago, and then the pressure and pain leeched away over the space of five minutes. A “spew” solution, as it were, not a “sleep.”

Anyway, that’s why I had no Writing Wednesday this week, and I’ll be back on track next week. If I’ve missed speaking with anyone about anything important, please take a second and let me know. I’m always a bit of a mess after these headaches  (as basically I’ve not slept in two days) and I’ll likely have forgotten most things.

On the plus side? This headache wasn’t one where even sound bothered me, so I got to listen to almost the entirety of Melissa Brayden’s How Sweet It Is. I’m finishing it up now while I try to catch up on the neglected dishes and laundry, and will be done in an hour or two. It’s a great audiobook (of course, I’ve loved all her audiobooks), and it was wonderful company. I love Molly and Jordan.

So, that’s where I’ve been and why I’ve been silent. How many of you are fellow migraine and headache sufferers? What are your tips for getting through the worst ones?

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