Catching up with ’Nathan Burgoine, author of TRIAD BLOOD

Visiting Jeffrey Ricker today, where he hosted me for a quick chat…

Jeffrey Ricker

Nathan Burgoine is the author of the novel Light, a Lambda Literary Award finalist . His second novel, Triad Blood, just came out this month and features a trio of supernatural characters first introduced in stories that have appeared in a range of anthologies over the years. Now they’re finally getting their own standalone book, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

triad-blood-smallI’ve known ’Nathan since sometime in 2009 and often think of him as my anthology brother, since we’ve had stories appear in the same collections more times than I can count. And ever since I met him and his husband at the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival, they’ve been people I always look forward to catching up with.  He’s a great writer, a super supportive reader, and generally one of the damn nicest human beings I know. (It should come as no surprise, therefore, when I tell you he’s…

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