Sunday Shorts – “Girls on Campus” Q&A with Carsen Taite

girls-on-campusIf you’re at all a fan of the legal-themed romances (or ass-kicking bounty hunters), then you’ll likely already know today’s awesome guest, Carsen Taite. I got to meet Carsen a couple of years ago at the Bold Strokes Books writer’s retreat, where I got to see her captivate a crowd in space of, oh, I’m gonna say three minutes.

Charisma. Taite has it.


She’s also inspiring in other ways. The infamous “Taite Daily Word Count” is very motivating, in the sense that looking at what she manages to accomplish between moments makes me feel like a total slug.

So of course she also does scorching hot short fiction, right?

College: four years when anything goes and rules are made to be broken. A time for freedom, experimentation, and guiltless pleasures. Come join the co-eds for a homecoming bash, crash a girls-only party, and enjoy study hall where the topic is Eros. From roommates with benefits to sexy sorority initiations, hot professors demanding extra credit after class and summer vacation threesomes, this collection is required reading for anyone looking to earn an A in sex-ed.

NB: Okay, flat-out, no study group I ever met was as awesome as ‘Study Buddes.’ That was hot. Also, I learned the different between repossession and replevin. Your fans know you very well for your legal edge to your fantastic thrillers, but how in the world did it occur to you to come up with legal study erotica? My hat’s off to you.

CT: Thanks! Adding a dose of the law to fiction is definitely my brand, so when a certain editor nudged me out of my comfort zone to contribute to this anthology, I figured law school was the perfect setting. Finding the right folks to study with in law school is one of the biggest stressors of the first year, so I asked “Hey, what’s the best way to alleviate stress?” and then it was like the story wrote itself.

NB: Y’know, they need to print that on first-year survival booklets or something.

There’s a divide in the story between the straight-A nose-to-the-grindstone students and the I’m-well-connected-and-don’t-have-to-sweat-it confident students. Which is sexier? (Or is this a “Option C: Sorority girls” moment?)

CT: How about Option D: all of the above? Seriously, confidence, hard-work, and great social skills—all of those qualities are sexy. My story’s narrator may have been a little too uptight for anyone to see her sexy side at first, but she just needed a couple of sexy smart surfer girls to help her find her inner sexpot. The message? We’re all sexy in our own unique way.

NB: If you were in the room, I’d fist-bump that.

Now, I happen to know you’ve dropped characters from your novels into short fiction before (in fact, I believe that’s how I “met” Luca Bennett). Do you like criss-crossing characters through formats, and are there other appearances in short fiction from novels that your fans should know about?

CT: I love criss-crossing characters. Luca Bennett actually started out in a short story, “Boomerang,” that I wrote for Women of the Mean Streets. I was experimenting with the character to see if I was inspired enough to pen a series about a bounty hunter. Three novels, two short stories, and a novella later, I think I might have been a little inspired.

NB: I love Luca, and lord knows I’m not the only one.

CT: It makes me very happy that so many people seem to like Luca. Several of my other characters make cameo appearances in other novels and I’ve used short fiction to revisit some of my favourites as well:

Parker and Morgan from It Should be a Crime celebrate a new couple milestone in “Love is the Key” in Breathless: Tales of Celebration

Skye and Aimee from The Best Defense give us a behind the scenes with their new baby girl in “Born to Ride” in Amor and More: Love Everafter.

NB: That’s freaking awesome. I love being able to “catch up” with characters I love.

If you’d like to catch a copy of Girls on Campus of your very own, you should head on over to the publisher page at Bold Strokes Books here. Or, check out your local brick-and-mortar store—it’s always a good move to check here. And, of course, the book is available anywhere quality LGBT books are sold.

Carsen Taite.jpg

Photo credit: Diana Perez-Soria

Carsen Taite’s goal as an author is to spin tales with plot lines as interesting as the cases she encountered in her career as a criminal defense lawyer. She is the award-winning author of over a dozen novels of romantic intrigue, including the Luca Bennett Bounty Hunter series and the Lone Star Law series. Her upcoming novel, Without Justice, a standalone romantic intrigue, will be available everywhere books are sold in December 2016.

Learn more at


4 thoughts on “Sunday Shorts – “Girls on Campus” Q&A with Carsen Taite

  1. Oh MY I almost forgot to check in to the interview. I have enjoyed the discussion. Carsen is a Jewel, WItty, Has great REAL stories from her past experience as an Attorney and the very best Novels that grab your interest immediately. She can’t write them fast enough for me.


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