Sunday Shorts – Vacation Placeholder – What I’ve Got

I’m on vacation for three whole weeks, so Sunday Shorts is also on vacation. That said, I thought I’d list two of the short fiction anthologies I’ve been hoarding in my to-be-read pile, and then share a quick “I loved this!” review for another collection.

clockwork-canadaClockwork Canada is an anthology I picked up at Can*Con this year, and I’ve been eager to sink my teeth into it. I got to hear two of the authors read from their stories at the event, and the editor, too. Short fiction, steampunk, and Canada? How can I not?

I should note, this is part of a series of anthologies done by Exile Editions. This is the same publisher and series that did Dead North (Zombie Canada) and Fractured (Apocalyptic Canada), too, both of which I adored.

I also have Playground of Lost Toys from this series, which I haven’t cracked yet, but is seemingly darker and leaves me eyeing it in my usual ‘Wait, is this horror?’ way. We’ll see.

As well as all things Canadian, you know I try to keep an eye out for queer anthologies, and I was lucky enough to get a copy of Spinning the Record by Robert Hyers from Lethe Press. This collection was fantastic (you can read my review here, if you’d like) and was the first collection up on my little project to escape the online world for a while on Sunday mornings and just go somewhere and read with my husband.

What’s on your TBR pile these days? Have you read and loved a collection lately?


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