Sunday Shorts – Vacation Placeholder – What I’ve Got II

I’m on vacation for three whole weeks, so Sunday Shorts is also on vacation. That said, I thought I’d list two more of the short fiction collections I’ve been hoarding in my to-be-read pile, as well as a tiny bit of self-promotion.

First off, I got two more collections at the amazing Can*Con event, from ChiZine Publications. One is a collection from Ben Peek, Dead Americans, and the other is Probably Monsters, a collection from Ray Cluley. These are both a bit out of my usual comfort zone (you can probably guess that with the inclusion of the words “dead” and “monsters” in the titles, no?), but I’m thinking they’ll be up next on my “Sunday mornings away from the online world” reading jaunts to the coffee shop with my husband. Brightly lit, early morning—that way any lingering dark imagery has a chance to wash out before I sleep.

front-coverI hope.

On the self-promotion side, there’s a wee anthology of flash-fiction (so a wee anthology of wee stories?) called Flight that’s out and about. Basically, it’s a flash-fiction contest from QSF (Queer Sci-Fi) where the winners, runners up, and entries that the editors loved got gathered into a collection. Last year’s collection, Discovery, was quite solid, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this year’s collection and start reading. That I have a story in there is merely an aside, of course, as I am both modest and unassuming.


Anyway – what’s on your to-be-read piles? What short fictions (your own or from tohers) coming out are you excited about?

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