Naked Heart – Spec Fic for Brunch, Anyone?

nakedheart_websiteheaderIt’s almost time for Naked Heart, Glad Day Bookshop‘s LGBTQ Literary Event, held in Toronto. If you don’t know about Naked Heart, the short version is the event was created last year to amplify love, language, and freedom in the LGBTQ literary community.

The longer version you can check out at their website, linked above.

The event runs from Friday November 11th through to Sunday November 13th, and on the Saturday morning you can, if you’d like, join myself, David Demchuk, J.M. Frey, James K. Moran, Michael Lyons, Stephen Graham King and Steven Bereznai for a Speculative Brunch at 10:30a.m. There’ll be coffee, and there’ll be spec fic. What better way to start the day?

Do check out the whole program. I went to the initial Naked Heart and it was fantastic, and it only shows signs of being better still this year. And right now is your last shot at the early-bird pass. You can absolutely get in to any single event for $5, $10 or $15.
An all-access Festival Pass is $39 in advance, or $19 in advance for youth and seniors.

Hope to see you there!


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