Sunday Shorts – Got Short Fiction?

Hey shorties!


Husky kisses. Just because.

I’ve got a couple of Q&As on the go at the moment (stay tuned next week for Jeffrey Ricker and the week after that will likely be Trebor Healey). I’ve also got a few anthologies I’m reading on the go, but I thought I’d take today to ask short fiction authors who would like to chat to pop in and say hello. Hit me up. I’d like to “fill my bucket” so to speak. I promise the Q&As are painless, and though I can’t claim a giant audience, they do see quite a bit of traffic, and as far as I’m concerned, anything that gives more attention to short fiction is fine by me.

Given that today is also the Transgender Day of Remembrance, I wanted to specifically request if any of my trans readers or trans authors wanted to suggest titles (or themselves). I’d really appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Shorts – Got Short Fiction?

  1. I’m assuming you know about “Transcendent, the Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction,” edited by K.M. Szpara, put out by Lethe Press (natch!) I’ve only published a couple of LGBT-themed short-stories as well as a bunch of other short fiction, so keep me in mind for an interview in a few years!


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