Ornamental Addendum

A quick drive-by post today, as last night my husband and I hosted the Christmas Party his friends have been having as an annual tradition for decades, and the party didn’t end till after one, and I’m over forty and thus today I feel hung over despite having only had two small drinks.


My precious.

But! At said party, there’s a gift-swap-steal-trade-game thing we all do. The theme of the presents has changed through the years—books, games, movies—but the last three years it’s been ornaments, and thus there are two new ornaments for our tree.

The swapping game is pretty simple. We take a deck of cards, give everyone a single card, and put the other three copies of that card into the deck (this year there were ten of us, so we pulled out the jokers, jacks, kings and queens). As each person’s card comes up, they can choose to pick an unwrapped gift if they don’t already have one, or nab a gift someone else has already unwrapped (at which point that person can unwrap a gift or nab something from someone else, in a chain of thefts that goes three people long at most).

The very first package I opened was the little S’More snowman, and I fell in love. This was the one I wanted the most from this year’s haul, and of course, it got nabbed back and forth quite a bit in the, uh, “spirit of the season” (note: spirit of the season in this case involves us all trying to needle each other and take things from each other that it’s obvious people really like). Another hot contender? An ornament in the shape of an X-Box controller, and an ornament of the leg-lamp prize from ‘A Christmas Story.’


If you hold it up to your ear, you can hear equality crying.

Those three changed hands a lot, and I watched the wee S’More snowman like a hawk. I had him, too, when the very last card was drawn… which was my husband. He took it from me (which made it safe from being stolen by anyone else), and thus, I WON THE GAME.

Uh. I mean. It was very nice of him. Spirit of the season. Fa-la-la.

The ornament I took was a the lovely white orb you see, and it has a little hinge. On the side, it says, “Two Thousand and Sixteen,” and given my predilection for memory ornaments, it’s lovely. Inside, you could store something to remember the year. Suggestions included: a garbage fire, tears, and the last remaining shreds of my faith in humanity.


A Moe Original.

Then, today, we had a visitor. Moe, the son of our good friends, came by with the second in a delightful series of ornaments he’s crafted for us. Last year, he took brown thumbprints on an orb and turned them into reindeer (including Rudolph). This year, they’re a multi-coloured thumbprints turned into a string of Christmas lights. It’s adorable.

So there you have it—more riches for the tree, more memories, and wow do I need more tea to make it through today. So. Tired.

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