New Year’s Resolutions


Ice and snow outside, which makes for a happy Husky.

Happy New Year!

I’m over at Romance Eh? Canadian Style today introducing myself and speaking a bit about New Year’s Resolutions, and I thought I’d pop in here, blow the dust off from the last two weeks or so, and get back on track.

Specifically, I’ve got two major deadlines this year, as well as my usual “try to submit something once every month” self-challenge.

Now, I don’t have contracts yet for those two deadlines, but I’ve had a verbal okay, so I’m moving ahead with them right away, and I spent today getting the files in order, outlining scenes for the novel-type-project, and considering what to include for the not-a-novel-type-project.

I’ve got quite a few things left to accomplish in both cases, but I hit my word count, and I feel the creative vibe, the one that had sort of wobbled out of balance starting with Pulse and then falling completely off kilter when the election to the south of me went, well, south.

The thing about a new year is the arbitrary nature of it might be silly, but it’s helpful to have a launching point.


Writing Wednesdays will be coming back starting tomorrow. As always, please share any calls for submission you happen to see, and I’ll pass them along as best I can.

Sunday Shorts might take a bit longer. I have one ready to go (that’s way overdue) and then I’ll need to build up some backlog again, but in the interim, I can still post Short-story discussions on Sundays, including whatever I happen to be reading and enjoying. That’s a thing.

I’ve also got a few guest blogs, tip-shares, and potentially some reviews in the pipeline. Oh, and at some point edits will show up for Triad Soul, too (which you can pre-order, by the way). 2017 promises to be busy, if nothing else. I’ll begin announcing those projects as soon as I get paperwork.

The ice rain might be falling outside, but I’m just warming up.

Here’s to a great year.


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