Sunday Shorts – Great Jones Street

I’m late with Sunday Shorts today (I have a good reason, I promise: I got the edits back on Triad Soul and I’ve been reading through them most of the day). Between that, taking the dog to the pit for his Sunday walk, and going for groceries, I sort of fell behind.

That said, I do want to talk about short fiction today, but instead of a particular tale, I’m going to point you to an app.

Yep, you heard me.

There’s this nifty app, Great Jones Street, that I’ve been exploring on my phone when I’m in line ups or on the bus or anywhere else when I’ve got a few minutes and want to read. It’s a short fiction app, and the curation is pretty darn solid. I’ve read a half dozen or so tales thus far, and can heartily suggest The Knight of Chains, the Deuce of Stars by Yoon Ha Lee, and Ice by Rich Larson. Oh, and also Mono no Aware, by Ken Liu.

Anyway, if you’re looking for quick and easy, pocket-sized access to short fiction, definitely check out the app.

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