Grab Some Soul


Available June 20th… unless you jump the line at Bold Strokes Books.

It’s almost June, which means Triad Soul is almost released. I’m really, really stoked (and really, really nervous) about this on two fronts: One, it’s a sequel, and I’ve never done that before. Two: it’s the Triad guys, which people seem to really like, and I’m generally afraid of rising expectations. It’s a thing.

That said, if you’re a librarian, a bookseller, a book reviewer, or otherwise book-biz person, you can now request Triad Soul through NetGalley. If you don’t know what NetGalley is, it’s basically a way for authors and publishers to garner some noise pre-release. The e-version of the books is listed there a bit early, in hopes that reviewers and librarians and booksellers might find the next thing they’d love to hand-sell, recommend, or otherwise chat about. It’s a good site, Bront.

For the readers, if you want Triad Soul in your hands as soon as possible (and bless you if that’s you), the best option is to hop on over to the Bold Strokes Books website. You see, Bold Strokes makes all the titles available at the beginning of the month. So come June 1st, Triad Soul is available. It ships. If you’ve pre-ordered an e-book? It downloads. Ka-pow! You have demon, wizard, and vampire goodness in your hot little hand, two weeks ahead of everyone else.

Also, Anders approves of your give-it-to-me-now lifestyle.

And as always—thank you.

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