June Paperbacks? Wait! I’m a June Paperback!

As I may have already mentioned (ha!), my next novel, Triad Soul, comes out next month. Triad Soul (the sequel to Triad Blood) brings back Luc the vampire, Anders the demon, and Curtis the wizard for their sixth adventure (and their second novel). The guys are facing off against a murderer who seems capable of vanishing without a trace, hairy beasts, working with people they already know are corrupt, and Valentine’s Day.

There are a couple of release dates for Triad Soul, because my publisher, Bold Strokes Books, does a publisher release on the first of the month, and then a worldwide distribution on the second Tuesday of the month (in my case, that means Triad Soul comes out June 1st, 2017 from Bold Strokes, and then June 20th, 2017 everywhere else).

But! For those of you who love print copies of books, Bold Strokes also has a sale going on right this very moment. If you pre-order any print copies of the June titles directly from Bold Strokes themselves, you get 15% off. And if you spend more than $25, you can then use the “TEN%” coupon code to get 10% off your order. Quick note here: Unlikely Match, by Fiona Riley, is also out in June, and as such if you’re looking for a two-fer, might I suggest its awesomeness? To see all the titles included in this deal, click here. And, since the BSB release date is the 1st, it’ll ship as of the 1st, so less waiting.



The law of three is everything: three vampires for a coterie, three demons for a pack, and three wizards for a coven. Those alone or in pairs are vulnerable to the rest. Luc, Anders, and Curtis—vampire, demon, and wizard—sidestepped tradition by binding themselves together.

When something starts brutally killing demons in Ottawa, the three find themselves once again moving among the powers who rule the city from the shadows—this time working with them to try to stop the killings before chaos and blood rule the streets.

Hunting a killer who seems to leave no trace behind, the triad are forced to work with allies they don’t dare trust, powers they barely understand, and for the good of those they already know to be corrupt.

They have the power of blood, soul, and magic. But they have to survive to keep it.


A note on that “sixth adventure/second novel” thing, which is a question that comes up a lot. I originally wrote four erotic short fiction pieces with Luc, Anders, and Curtis, but you absolutely don’t have to read them before you read the Triad books. My editor worked with me to make sure that was the case.

If you are a lover of short erotic gay fiction, though, those erotic shorts are all available. The first one, “Three“, is available as an e-short all by itself. “Three” originally appeared in Blood Sacraments: Gay Vampire Erotica. The second story, “Intercession,” appears in Wings: Subversive Gay Angel Erotica. The third story, “Possession,” appears in Erotica Exotica: Tales of Sex & Magic. And then the fourth story, “Necessary Evils,” appears in Raising Hell: Demonic Gay Erotica.

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