WROTE, Chosen Families, Canuckisms, and the Three Sentence Review

Hey guys! Yesterday was the first day Triad Soul was available (though the Bold Strokes Books webstore), and it was quite a day. If I said I was a bit groggy today, I’d be understating, and it was only the first day!

CoverToday, however, I’ve got something really freaking cool. WROTE Podcast had me on their awesome show, and I got to talk about Chosen Families, Canuckisms, being the only guy at a romance conference, and the magic that is the three sentence review, among other things. I was interviewed by Vance Bastian (he of the voice talent supreme), and I had a blast. The rapid-fire questions aren’t as terrifying as they seem, by the way, so if you’re at all hesitating to put yourself forward for an interview, don’t worry. Take the jump. It’s worth it, and the everyone is really nice. It’s a great podcast I’ve been listening to for over a year now, and I’m really, really chuffed I got to take part.

So! If you want to hear it? Head on over to WROTE by clicking the link right there or clicking on the image of the big red box.

During the discussion, I bring up “the Three Sentence Review.” I made a graphic for it ages ago, and I’ll pop it here for reference. By all means share it if you love it.


Also: Right now, from June 1st to June 4th, Bold Strokes has Triad Blood, the first Triad novel, on 40% discount in all e-book formats for a “catch-up” sale. So if you missed Triad Blood, or are just bumping into me now, click here for that deal.

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