Celebrating Pride Month over at Romance Eh? Canadian Style…


Superheroes during Pride? Well… define “superhero.”

Hey folks! I’m over at Romance Eh? Canadian Style today talking about Pride Month. If you’ve in the mood, hop on over. I go back to the beginning: my first Pride, and also my first novel, which is set during Pride here in Ottawa.

I’ve got new release news I’ll be talking about tomorrow, and of course, this week it’s all about Triad Soul, which just released at the Bold Strokes Books web-store. It’s a great month to celebrate putting more queer urban fantasy out into the world.

Also: To celebrate the release of Triad Soul, right now, from June 1st to June 4th, Bold Strokes has Triad Blood, the first Triad novel, on 40% discount in all e-book formats for a “catch-up” sale. So if you missed Triad Blood, or are just bumping into me now, click here for that deal. It ends tomorrow, so take advantage.

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