An Acceptance, and the last day for Triad Blood at 40% off

It’s Sunday, and I’m about to head out to the gallery for the afternoon, but before I go, I wanted to mention some happy news: I got an acceptance for the holiday “chosen family” novella I’ve been working on for ages.

It’s current title is “Homemade Holidays” (though if the publisher wants a different title, I’m down with that, as we all know how confident I am in my own titles).

31050390070_e64d93fefe_zIt was picked up by NineStar Press, and I’ll obviously offer more details as they become available. I’m really chuffed, though, that Nicky and Haruto will get to tell their story over fifteen holidays. It’s based not-so-loosely on my own ornament tradition, which I talk about every year, and so this one is pretty darn close to my heart.

Anyway. More news as events warrant.

Of course, this week is still all about Triad Soul, and today is the last day for the Triad Blood deal. What’s that, you say? To celebrate the release of Triad Soul, right now, from June 1st to June 4th, Bold Strokes has Triad Blood, the first Triad novel, on 40% discount in all e-book formats for a “catch-up” sale. So if you missed Triad Blood, or are just bumping into me now, click here for that deal. It ends tonight, so take advantage.


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