Happy Canada Day (and a Giveaway over on Diverse Reader)!

TriadBloodHey folks! Just a quick note today to let you know if you hop on over to Diverse Reader you’ll see my wee little author interview and spotlight, complete with a shot at earning yourself some free e-pubs of Triad Blood, Triad Soul, and “Three,” the short story that started it all.

Hope to see you there, and—in keeping with the day—Happy Canada Day! From Kieran, Sebastien, Luc, Curtis, Anders, Andy and James (and all the rest of my Canucklehead characters) and me: I hope you have a great time, eh!

It’s possible to feel multiple ways about something at once; and that’s how I feel about Canada.

It’s a pretty amazing place to live for me, and I am proud to have become a citizen.

That said? It’s also got a history that’s full of colonialism (and everything that entails) that casts a shadow still today. You don’t have to go far to see how Canada fails its indigenous people, or how the immigration system is overwhelmingly ableist. This isn’t a perfect place, and one can say that and still be proud of what has been accomplished, and forward movement attained.

I hope we continue to head in the right direction. I hope we listen—instead of complaining or feeling threatened—when those with less power, less voice, and less protection speak out. I hope we will use the power, voice, and protections we have to extend our hands downward and lift others up.

4 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day (and a Giveaway over on Diverse Reader)!

  1. Just read all three one after the other, absolutely loved them all but now despondent waiting for the next book in the series – please tell me there is one!


    • There will be, I promise. It’s not the next project I’m working on (I’m working on a YA right now, because I needed a break from the Triad boys) but they’ll be up next after that. 😉

      And thank you. 😀


      • Great news, thank you. Now if I can just fine that alternate universe where you can write quicker that I can read I’ll be fine, lol


      • Ha ha ha, I wish. Unfortunately, if I stare at the screen for more than a couple of hours, I end up with a migraine. 😦 I do try to write on paper with a pen sometimes, if the words are flowing…


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