Sacred Band – Joseph D. Carriker, Jr. (Lethe Press)

I’m over at Out in Print today, talking about a really enjoyable queer superhero story.

Out in Print: Queer Book Reviews

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It’s possible anyone who’s met me for more than, say, a few hours will hear me wax poetic about the X-Men of my youth. When I was a kid, they were a much needed allegory to my own existence. Think about it: the mutants were people born different, but to normal families, and hated and feared for their difference by the world around them.

This isn’t hard to translate for a queer kid, especially one who knows things weren’t going to go well if anyone found out.

The difference, of course, is that the X-Men also had fantastic powers, which they used to try and prove to the world they weren’t a threat, and smacked down villainy wherever they found it—especially among their own kind.

So, years later, when here and there the various comic books did finally deliver a few queer characters, I was so…

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