Signing: Friday, October 6th, 11:30a at Prospero Books


Time for fall, vampires, fire magic, and mayhem.

It’s October, which means things are allowed to be all Samhain, all the time. Or at least, that’s my understanding. And among the joys of the Hallowe’en month are the things that go bump in the night.

To celebrate all things bump-in-the-night-ish, myself and the wonderful author Christian Baines (who writes super-creepy awesome things) will be at the Prospero at Bank and Slater here in Ottawa, Friday October 6th, at 11:30 a.m.

If you’ve not encountered Christian before, allow me to point out how much I loved The Beast Without and The Orchard of Flesh (the Arcadia Trust series), as well as Puppet Boy. He writes creepy, engrossing, dark urban fantasy as well as psychologically stirring and disturbing contemporary fiction. Basically, he’s a one-stop-shop for your Hallowe’en reading needs.

And, of course, I’ll be there with Triad Blood and Triad Soul especially, because vampires, demons, and wizards (oh my).

Hope to see you there!

ChristianChristian Baines

Australian Author Christian Baines has written on travel, theatre, and various aspects of gay life. Some of his stranger thoughts have spawned novels, including The Arcadia Trust series, and Puppet Boy, which was a finalist for the 2016 Saints and Sinners Emerging Writer Award. He is also a four-time finalist in the Sydney Mardi Gras Short Story Competition.

He now lives, writes, and shivers in Toronto.

Nathan 'Burgoine‘Nathan Burgoine

‘Nathan Burgoine grew up a reader and studied literature in university while making a living as a bookseller. His first novel, Light, is available from Bold Strokes Books and was a finalist for both the Lambda Literary Award for LGBT SF/Fantasy/Horror, and the BOTYA 2013 Gay & Lesbian (Adult Fiction) ForeWord award. Triad Blood and Triad Soul followed. His first novella-length work, “In Memoriam,” is available through Lethe Press.

He lives in Ottawa, Canada, where socialized health care and gay marriage have yet to cause the sky to cave in.

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