Monday Flash Fic – Post Show Critique

I have to admit, this Monday Flash Fic picture stymied me for quite a while because it’s Archie from the new Riverdale show, and that was all I could see. Eventually, I just went with it. The three characters in today’s piece are from my upcoming YA novel, Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks, and takes place a year earlier or so.
Flash Monday

Post Show Critique

“His eyebrows don’t match,” Lindsey said. “They didn’t dye his eyebrows.”

Cole nodded, but he was still back at the scene with the wiping of the face with the shirt and the revelation of those abs.

“He doesn’t look young enough,” Rhonda said.

Cole nodded again. They were amazing abs, though. A guy could forgive a lot for those abs.

The three of them had come to eat lemon squares and drink hot chocolate and dissect the new show, and so far, Cole thought he was the only one willing to give the faux red-head a chance.

“And the girls,” Lindsey said, leaning back in her chair. She was frowning. She’d been the one who’d organized the Rainbow Club viewing of the show—mostly because of Jughead and Kevin Keller, she said, though Cole had a theory it might have had something to do with the actresses who played Veronica and Betty, too. And maybe Cheryl.

“I thought they did a good job with the girls,” Cole said, finally speaking up.

“Veronica rocked,” Rhonda agreed.

On that point they all seemed to be in synch.

“Kevin didn’t get to do much,” Cole said. Then he shrugged. “This is my surprised face.”

“I’m sure they’ll give him more to do as the show goes on,” Lindsey said.

Cole had a bite of his lemon square. Only Lindsey and Rhonda had been willing to come with him to the board game café he loved so much after the show. It wasn’t a huge surprise. It was possible they were all getting a little tired of his suggesting the place as a hangout.

Though Lindsey was proving to be a Settlers of Catan shark.

Speaking of which…

“Settlers?” he said.

Lindsey smiled at him. If she wanted to play, he knew Rhonda would. She was like that. They were such a cute couple. He was glad they’d started coming to the Rainbow Club. Lindsey added a real social quality to the place. The rest of them were loners.

When they were all done their lemon squares, Cole took the plates, got the Settlers of Catan box, and brought it back to their table. He set up the game while Lindsey listed off some of the other changes the writers had made to the show she found troublesome.

“I feel like I need to admit I’ve never read an Archie comic in my life,” Cole said.

Rhonda raised her hand. “Also guilty.”

Lindsey blinked. “Neither have I.”

Cole laughed. “But you know everything there is to know about it. You gave us an Archie crash course, and you set up the whole night and everything.”

“Research,” Lindsey said, and shrugged.

Cole shook his head, and they set up the game. They were only a few rounds in before Lindsey already had a new settlement. It was official. She was totally a Settlers of Catan shark.

“Veronica is hot,” Lindsey said.

“Totally,” Rhonda agreed.

“Maybe Kevin will get to make out with Archie,” Cole said.


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