Monday Flash Fics – It’s an Honour

Monday Flash Fics provides an image every week to spark an idea. This week, I immediately thought of my somewhat-superhero story, Light, and the main character, Keiran, who is a bit telepathic, sort of telekinetic, and really gay and who refracts light when he uses his telekinesis, which makes for a handy, if less than subtle, disguise.


It’s an Honour

“I don’t get it.”

“I’m not sure it’s the kind of thing you get,” Callum said. “I think it’s just what it is.”

I frowned. I titled my head one way, then the other. One of the poles changed from blue to purple.

“But it’s a bunch of poles,” I said, trying hard not to sound too negative. “A bunch of poles that light up.”

“Well, it suits the theme,” Callum said. “I mean, for you-know-who.”

“I’m not Voldemort, Callum,” I said.

“Okay, it’s for you. I mean, nobody knows that, but it is.” Callum stomped his feet. “Also, it’s freezing. Can we maybe stop and get coffee?”

“Sure,” I said. But I didn’t move.


“Sorry.” I took another long look. Still a bunch of poles with lights inside. One of the poles, glowing green, turned yellow. The purple one was still purple. I sighed, then turned to go. Callum was already leaving the small park.

“I think you’re supposed to be honoured,” Callum said, once I caught up to him.

“I guess.” It was an homage to me, after all. That was pretty cool. And I’d been excited when it was announced. It’s possible I’d been thinking about what it might look like too much and the grand reveal was…

Well. It was a bunch of metal poles with lights.

There wasn’t even a heroic statue.

“I wanted a statue,” I admitted.

Callum laughed. Loud. Like only a big brother could. If he wasn’t such a great guy most of the time, I’d’ve probably reprogrammed his brain by now. Maybe make him think he was a hamster.

“Shut up,” I said, imagining him running on a wheel.

“You realize that doesn’t make sense, right?” Callum said.

I frowned. “How so?”

“No one knows what you look like!” He held out his hands, wiggling his fingers. “You get all…sparkly. You’re like…walking glitter.”

I stopped walking. “I can’t believe you came up with something worse than Disco.”


“Nothing. Doesn’t matter. It didn’t have to be an accurate statue. Just… y’know…” I sighed. “Not glow sticks.”

“Kieran,” Callum said, touching my shoulder. “I love you like a brother, but—”

“You are my brother.”

“—you’re being an idiot.”

“Would you consider that a great monument if it was dedicated to you and your…uh…academic greatness?”

“If my academic greatness saved lives? Yes. I would.” He squeezed. “I’d consider it an honour.”

Well, now I felt like an ass.

But then Callum grinned. “A really, really, really ugly honour,” he said.

“You do think it’s ugly!”

“Bro, it’s hideous.” He laughed. “But it’s meant well.”

I turned and looked. When the lights were orange and purple, it did no one any favours. Even the snow looked gross.

“You saved people,” Callum said. “That’s really more important.”

He was right.

“Now can we also save my life before I freeze to death?”

No one was around, so I teked a snowball at the back of his head. He whirled, then whirled back and pointed at me. “Kieran,” he said, his tone full of older-brother warning.

I glanced left and right. No one was around.

Multiple balls of snow rose around me.

“Don’t. You. Dare.”

I dared.






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