Saving the Date


As of this morning, Saving the Date has gone live for pre-order, so I thought I’d take some time to chat about this upcoming novella, and maybe whet your interest.

Saving the Date was born thanks to Romancing the Capital, where I met Angela S. Stone, a fellow author. We were going to be on a panel together, and I always try to read something the other authors have written before a panel, and I found her 1Night Stand story, Unsportsmanlike Conduct. I hadn’t heard of 1Night Stand before, but it’s a many-authored series about a matching agency (the aforementioned 1Night Stand) run by the mysterious Madame Eve, who has an uncanny knack of matching people perfectly for a night (and often, longer thereafter, even if they go in expecting just one night.) They’re fun, and short, and sexy, and when Angela suggested we could co-author one, it seemed like a really neat idea, and I started pondering for a character.

We split the book into Point-of-View. She’d write Character A, I’d write Character B, and before long we both had our ideas in place: her character, Zach, would be a divorced and closeted bi fellow; I was writing Morgan, a surviving (and thriving) victim of violence who’d reached the point where he was ready for some intimacy (though maybe not much more than that). From there, the ideas grew, deciding on complications took a while, and we went forward. Spin this up two years or so, and here we are with Saving the Date.

My goals for Morgan were specific. I wanted to write a character thriving post-bashing, but also pay some attention to what it’s like to carry scars and have a conflicted level of emotion about them. I wanted to write a character who’d done emotional and physical work recovering and recognizing he was ready for something more, with the guidance of a therapist and friends. I wanted to write a character who screws up a bit on this path, but recovers and gets through thanks to communicating with someone who understands at least a part of his struggle. And, most of all, I wanted to show one character who’d been hurt, not a representative of some nebulous everyone, because there is no one reaction or path or result.

Oh, and for those who read Handmade Holidays? There’s also a cameo or two to look forward to.

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