Quick update!

Hi everyone!

There was a snafu with WestJet (by which I mean, we ended up rerouted—again—just like last year, and had to bolt for the plane to Hawai’i with seconds to spare) and as a result of this, we’ve got no luggage.

CoverWhich means I’ve got no power cord for my lap-top, which means this update will be it until the bags are delivered. So, I really apologize if you were looking forward to today’s

Monday Flash Fics prompt, but hey, go check out what the other authors did, and once I’m back and not rationing the juice, I’ll hop back online.

I’ve used my phone to see some of you have picked up a copy of Saving the Date and there’s even been a couple of Goodreads/Amazon reviews. Thank you! You’re awesome. Launching a book and then hopping on a plane is a great way to lessen the nerves, but it’s not a great way to support a book launch.

Even less so when you end up without a way to recharge the laptop.

Plus side? If there’s anywhere to be stuck waiting for luggage with only one fresh outfit to work with, it’s Hawai’i. We’ve been sitting on the deck, reading, and mostly not wearing pants.


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