Cover Reveal — Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks

Exit Plans For Teenage Freaks - Version 5

Being the kid abducted by old Ms. Easton when he was four permanently set Cole’s status to freak. At seventeen, his exit plan is simple: make it through the last few weeks of high school with his grades up and his head down.

When he pushes through the front door of the school and finds himself eighty kilometers away holding the door of a museum he was just thinking about, Cole faces facts: he’s either more deluded than old Ms. Easton, or he just teleported.

Now every door is an accident waiting to happen―especially when Cole thinks about Malik, who, it turns out, has a glass door on his shower. When he starts seeing the same creepy people over his shoulder, no matter how far he’s gone, crushes become the least of his worries. They want him to stop, and they’ll go to any length to make it happen.

Cole is running out of luck, excuses, and places to hide.

Time for a new exit plan.

I’m over-the-freaking-moon about this book cover. First off, Inkspiral did an amazing—as per usual—job. The kid on the cover is so very Cole. No moment he can’t make awkward. It’s his thing. Also board games, planning stuff, enjoying quality time with his bullet journal, more planning of stuff, making to-do lists, and did I mention planning stuff?

Of course, all that goes to hell, fast, once the whole teleporting thing starts to happen. Also a cute boy. And his rainbow club friends know something is wrong. His parents, too. In fact, it’s all going wrong, and that’s never the plan.

Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks is a YA story, a contemporary sci-fi, and has a healthy dash of action, a wee bit of romance, and a lot about friends, family, and figuring out what to do when you’re already sure you know exactly what you’re doing but something unexpected comes up. Oh, and Cole’s gay, too.

It’ll be out in December from Bold Strokes Books (it’s not listed yet, though). Somehow, it’s already up for preorder at the ‘Zon, and even better it’s also listed at Indiebound!

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