Sewing Short Magics by Nathan Burgoine

I’m over at the Bold Strokes Books UK blog today, talking about the magic that is short stories, found families, and the upcoming Of Echoes Born.

Bold Strokes Books, UK


In one of the stories in my upcoming collection of short fiction, I have a man, Martin, sewing squares for a quilt. The cloth for those squares comes from various pieces of fashion he designed over his career; he’s putting together a blanket that he can take with him to a care home and feel like he brought something tangible from his past with him.

The theme of the past, of making things from the past, and of looking forward with those pieces of the past in hand is all throughout Of Echoes Born, and even in the format of the book itself.

I love short stories. They’re my first, best, and favourite way to write. That I can release a collection is a huge moment for me, and I’m so excited to be able to open up a copy and read from it at the upcoming festival.

When I…

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