First Echo

Yesterday, I was having a kind of off day. It was snowing (still, again, relentlessly) and I realized just how many books I needed to finish reading, and soon. I’m lucky enough to get ARCs for a lot of titles, but I’m falling behind, and it makes me feel guilty when I’ve agreed to read these books so I can review them and help generate noise, and I haven’t done so yet.

So I went to our library, sipped tea, and started reading. A while later, the doorbell went off (and the dog gave one of his rare barks) and I went downstairs and found…

Of Echoes Born Arrival 2

This never, ever gets old. And if you’d like one of your very own? Hit up Bold Strokes Books.

Needless to say, I perked up. I opened the box, did my “the book is here” dance around the kitchen (and bribed Coach not to every let anyone know what that looks like via some milkbones) and then proceeded to flip my way through the book with joy.

It looks beautiful. The cover, done by Inkspiral Book & Cover Design is perfect, the interior layout, which had a few quirks I wasn’t sure how to do properly is also perfect (bless you, Stacia!) and this honestly feels like the best thing I’ve ever made (thank you, Jerry!).

My husband picked up a copy when he got home, and when he started to read it, I actually got nervous. That never happens. I was jittery and jumpy and really wanted him to like the first story (with collections and anthologies, that first story has to do so much work), but when he was done the first piece, he put it down and said, “That’s a great start.”

Anyway. The collection is real. It’s here. It’s in my hands.

Now to wait for June, when everyone else can have it…

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