Queer Spaces

The Bold Strokes Books retreat has begun, and the first morning has passed. I ended up trying a last-minute pitch at Pitchapalooza (where I was totally—and rightfully—the loser to Barbara Ann Wright‘s wizard with an exploding problem), absorbed some awesome knowledge from Cindy about POV, and then got caught up on the state of things before an awesome lunch at Faraday‘s.

That’s right, I’m in England right now. Nottingham, specifically, and I’m surrounded by awesome Bold Strokes Books authors and editors and the rest of the people who make the magic happen. If you didn’t know about that, but you’re nearby, a head’s up: this weekend, there’s a two day festival happening at Waterstone’s and the Mercure. Come by. It’ll be awesome. And, hey, anyone who comes to the bookfair will be able to get their hands on copies of Of Echoes Born before anyone else!

Nathan and Jeffrey

That’s me and Jeffrey Ricker on the train to Nottingham. We’d been awake roughly thirty-two hours at this point, and had to troubleshoot some late-flight fallout.

So, apart from now having a new plot pitch in my notebook, I’ve also already found myself relaxing and recharging on an inherently queer level. Being around other writers always feels good, don’t get me wrong, but being around other queer writers?

It’s revitalizing.

Bold Strokes is amazing at creating an author-family vibe, and in no time at all, I can feel the difference. We’re all bouncing ideas off each other, offering huzzahs and congratulations over the current GCLS finalists, and catching up and gushing over the books we’ve read.

Also? Proper English breakfast was had, and will continue to be had, and I am a very, very happy man.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll get more insights into the editing process, some awesome advice on events/readings/cons and event planning, work on character and conflict, and even take a run at the often-dreaded blurb. All the while surrounded by awesome fellow authors.

Last time, I left the retreat so recharged I outlined my Pitchapalooza blurb and over the next two years it turned into Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks (out this December). This time? I’m hoping to leave with a clear grasp on making Triad Magic a reality.

Oh, and probably some good proper English candy, too.

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