Of Echoes Born — Art for “There & Then”

Every now and then as a writer someone does something so above-and-beyond thanks to something you’ve written. This happened to me yesterday. Matthew Bright, the skill behind the brilliant Inkspiral Design (who did the cover for Of Echoes Born and In Memoriam), came to the Bold Strokes Books UK meet in Nottingham, and he picked up a copy of Of Echoes Born and he’s been reading it, and he made this:

There & Then Cover

It’s a mock cover for the first story in the collection, “There & Then,” and it’s freaking amazing (and so darn perfect). That’s Dawn Solati, Bao Nguyen, and Christian Simon, three of the major characters that pop up in a few of the tales. The whorls of colour and shape (especially around Dawn) are pitch-perfect to the things Christian has begun to see in the air all around people. The track field, Dawn running, the crouching pose… GAH! It’s so perfect.

Thank you, mister.

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