Of Echoes Born is now available from @BoldStrokeBooks

It’s June!

Of Echoes Born: stories by 'Nathan Burgoine

Oh, this cover. *sniff* It’s so pretty.

That means the June releases from Bold Strokes Books are out on their web-store! This includes—I may have mentioned this before—Of Echoes Born.

So, if you order direct from BSB, you get it a bit earlier than everywhere else (and they have all the e-book formats, worry not). If you’ve got a local brick and mortar or you’ve got a local source you’d rather use, worry not: the hard release date when the June releases become available everywhere else is June 12th.

Of Echoes Born contains twelve short stories, six of which are reprints and six of which are new (and includes a novelette-length Village story).

Outside a hospital in Ottawa, a heartbeat returns long enough for a good-bye. Downtown, a man steps into shadows of the past to help those who have died find their way free from their memories. In Niagara, an ice wine vintage is flavored with the truth of what happened on a dark evening of betrayal. In British Columbia, the snow itself can speak to someone who knows how to listen.

The past echoes through these queer tales—sometimes soft enough to grant a second chance at love, and other times loud enough to damn a killer—never without leaving those who’ve heard it unchanged.

Of Echoes Born is the first short story collection from Lambda Literary Award finalist ’Nathan Burgoine.


Advance praise from Publishers Weekly: “Burgoine assembles 12 queer supernatural tales, several of which interlock…The best tales could easily stand alone; these include ‘The Finish,’ about an aging vintner whose erotic dalliance with a deaf young man named Dennis gets complicated, and ‘Struck,’ in which beleaguered bookstore clerk Chris meets Lightning Todd, who predicts his future wealth and romance. A pair of stories set in ‘the Village,’ a gay neighborhood, feature appealing characters and romances and could be components of a fine Tales of the City–like novel.”

Funny sidenote: This morning I woke up to find my macbook wouldn’t connect to the internet, which is not a great way to start the day on any day, but release day? Even less optimal. I managed to get my connection to work again (big sigh of relief).

This probably goes down on the side of “write and schedule posts ahead of time, you dunce.” I’m usually better at that. In my defence, I’d been writing and scheduling my posts for #PrideReads yesterday, and used up all my screen spoons for that.


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